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Re: Feminism

Postby Koyaanisq » Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:09 pm

Equality of opportunity is the best anyone should aim for. We pretty much have that here, and in most western countries, with admittedly enough places where it's not so for it to still be an issue. It is illegal to not give people equal opportunities. Anywhere that does that can face nasty consequences. There's no real fight that needs to be done, just uncovering assholes and showing them to be committing crimes. Equality of outcome, as in the "wage gap", isn't a problem. That's based on so many unrelated factors that it's silly to consider it. It takes into account women who don't work and become stay-at-home mothers. They don't earn a wage, they shouldn't contribute to the average earnings of women who are employed. On top of that, it's been noted before that men are more likely to argue for a wage increase. They also, typically, take on more intense subjects in college, such as the hard sciences, and get higher tier jobs as a result. Women not doing those courses isn't a sexist issue, it's them making a choice to do things they enjoy. Physics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, etc. are things that women broadly avoid. Again, no one's problem, they've just chosen not to. What they're interested in, they'll follow. If and when someone says "you can't do that because you're a women," then that's an issue.

Beyond any of that, home is fine for the most part. Needs to grow up a bit, sure, but at have a look at countries under Sharia law. Women can be sentenced to be raped to "offset the shame" of a brother of hers committing a crime. They can be murdered for being adulterers, or simply engaging in sex before marriage. Countries where women are "worth half of what a man is worth" is where things need to change, fast, and where the attention needs to be paid.

There are people being persecuted, raped and murdered because their gender makes them a second-class citizen worthy only of cruelty. Personally, I can't stand it when people sit around and ignore things like that. It's like when I see on the news, constantly, countries complaining that they can't deal with the influx of immigrants and refugees. "How can we deal with this problem?" they all ask. Perhaps, turn your goddamn eyes to the root of the problem, and ask "why are they leaving their own countries, risking their lives to get away?"

The liberation of people in disadvantaged areas needs to happen, and that doesn't mean women need a pay increase. It means people executing women for minor offences need to get what's coming to them. There's no 50/50 balance in those parts of the world.
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