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Youtube Video.

Postby Laylah » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:28 am

Please check out my youtube video that deals with my story and some trans issues:
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Re: Youtube Video.

Postby Christine » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:51 am

Hi Laylah,

Thankyou for putting up the video, what an introduction. And its heart wrenching to hear that society is no different today than when I transitioned 20 years ago. Sorry I have not introduced myself yet ! I'm new to this discussion board but not to these issues. Time moves on, but the same issues keep on arising, which includes people ignoring the medical evidence. ... rain-scan/

Have you asked your doctor for Androgen blockers ? If they wont prescribe hormones as they May "hurt you" why dont they prescribe androgen blockers which are fully reversible ? If its a matter of finding the name of a pyschatrist just Private Message me. The problem with the midical profession is that no one wants to take responsibility, without a letter from a expert. Fortunately for me my doctor uses the miracle of the internet, and looks up the latest best practices and guidance. I am post op and very much stealth.

But looking at the lack of disccussions on this and other groups I thought it was time to try to give a little perspective from someone who has been there and got the wet teeshirt, thankyou to the Guy who through a McDonalds coke at me all those years ago in the street. You dont know what that meant to me. Thankyou to the Nurses who looked at me in Horror when they read my notes, it was such a confidence booster ! And when they shared the news with my family, well i was so delighted that the data protection act was being followed in the medical proffession.

But does life change yes ! Do relatives and family ? Slowly, even in Ireland, but can they shift their attitudes ? Yes
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